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Right to Education program

Right to Education program

This program is mainly concerned with promoting national and regional commitment to SDG4 as the main vehicle for the promotion of social outcomes of quality education, which collectively constitute the essence of the right to education. These outcomes include among others: Future generations with the adequate knowledge and life skills needed to promote sustainable development and lifestyles, culture of peace & non-violence and respect for Human Rights; the extent of education responsiveness to the society’s developmental concerns, the sensitivity of education to the labour market needs, the social inclusion of less advantaged female and male children and youth (Like children and youth with disabilities), Gender Equality, social justice and equal opportunities. In so doing, this program works on empowering CSOs, youth and women in Palestine and MENA to get actively engaged in planning, monitoring and advocating for quality education outcomes as enshrined in SDG4, ameliorating school environment, especially in Palestine, to ensure enhanced accessibility for marginalized children including children with disabilities, increasing the sensitivity & responsiveness of educational policies in Palestine and MENA to SDG4 & the international legal policy framework related to education and strengthened the role and presence of TCC and education CSOs in MENA in local, regional and international lobbying networks, instruments, partnerships and campaigns concerned with SDG4, with a focus on under-emergency countries including Palestine, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia.  

Areas of intervention:

The Arab Education Movement/ Empowerment of CSOs in Palestine & MENA/ School environment/ educational policies’ development in Palestine & MENA/ inclusive education/ networking/ regional & international advocacy/ women’s rights/ curricula & textbooks/ community engagement in monitoring schools’ performance.