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Home Local News TCC Commemorates the World Children’s Day –the 20th of November

TCC Commemorates the World Children’s Day –the 20th of November

Within the framework of its 3-year project “Ta’allom”, which is implemented with support from “The Right to Play” and in joint cooperation with eight grassroots organizations in West Bank, TCC commemorated the World Children’s Day- the 20th of November- through the organization of a full play day for 150 children from UNRWA schools in Aida and Al-Dheisheh refugee camps “Bethlehem governorate”. Organized in joint cooperation with three grassroots organizations “Ruwwad, Sawae’ed and Al-Lailak”, this event was held in Abu-Ammar’s Hall in Bethlehem on the 18th of November 2019. Through this event, which took place under the slogan “I play; therefore I am”, participating children were offered a wide range of sports games that are capable of improving their cognitive and socio-emotional wellbeing and promoting their belief in the principles and values of Human Rights, citizenship, culture of non-violence and dialogue, cultural diversity and friendship with all nations, racial and religious groups.

It’s worth noting that this 3-year project aspires to reinforce a child-centered participatory learning environment through playing in the Palestinian schools in WB. It also contributes to strengthening partnership among CSOs, especially in the field of improving social outcomes of quality education using various approaches including Learning through Play.