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Towards Creative Change in Palestinian Education
Towards Creative Change in Palestinian Education
from simple idea to sit at the head of International Foundations
from simple idea to sit at the head of International Foundations

Teacher creativity Center

from simple idea to sit at the head of International Foundations
For many years, the occupations imposed regulations and rules on the education system in Palestine as a part of its plans to destroy all the Palestinian people whosucceeded, despite all the difficult circumstances and occupations procedures in stick of education which considered one of the most important weapon in resisting the occupation who still aim to publish the ignorance and illiteracypolicy and deprive the Palestinian people from their education rights.
In fact, and in front of the tragic pictures and difficulties that faced the education process in Palestine, a group of teachers with awareness spirit and belonging to the homeland,and responsibility came out of several visions and ideas to save the education process.
The Birth of the idea
In the year 1993, the idea start to came out and grow up, despite all the difficult circumstances, the first launching was in a small room in the fourth floor in one of the building in Ramallah city, they didnt care about the media or the place and amenities because they didnt need in addition to the honest spirit, national will, faith, and responsibility  more than chairseven the dustthat covered it and a small table in the center that surrounded by minds with experienced, knowledge and abilities, so they put all the education problems which has dangerous effects and find solutions for all these problems relating to students, curriculum and values.
Altruism and Sacrifice
Images and ideas are varied, but the target and change will made the teachers more insistence to goon in spite of their difficult financial conditions which in reality not enough to provide the basic needs for them,but they decided to scarify and rent that small room which they have taken it a forum that combines the teachers to discus and put foundations to reach the curriculum for the schools they wish to providein Palestine.
Mission and objective
With their good experience in schools, and despite their lack of management knowledge for the non-governmental organizations, they decided to invest timeand devote the effort to achieve their goal and their message which focus on improving the educational environment that respects human rights and dignity, promotes creativity, and achieve justice and equality.
There were many regular meetings, many ideas in the same place, andwith emphasis onthe initiative, which has become pioneering initiatives, although the Initiators, the founders and the participants did not realize that the small room which gathered them together at the beginning of the road will be transformed in 2012 into an effective institution on the local, regional and international levels, a foundation that served and trained thousands of teachers, managers, supervisors and parents also helped significantly on building the civil education curriculum and develop the capacity of workers whether they are teachers or students or supervisors, a foundation has been able to entrench in the minds the importance of human rights and civil education concepts in the educational foundation.
Impressive results
That small room which witnessed on the beginning, it still a memory for the pioneers who dedicated themselves to expanding the foundation in order to perform its massage in all the Palestinian areas from Rafah to Jenin, without depending on its aims in consolidation and dissemination, and keep it role which being absolutely biased to human rights issues and their needs and their social and political aspirations therefore it was able to extend beyond the borders of the homeland to reach many Arabic countries to establish an Arabic network for human rights education, and heads the Arab Campaign for Education.
Visions and goals
Through the work process, multi achievements, goals and visions, which  the Center make sure to determine its programs and activities all of that goes from a strategic plan which built by all the concerned people, all the activities and goals that related to the foundations mission.
The center achieve a huge success by participate of specialized crews and qualified experts in all its programs which they were planed, and the center helped to developed it in all the Palestinian areas with focus more at the Rural and marginalized areas.
It should be noted that the Center was based on a main rule in building the activities which includes a good planning, execution, and evaluating in order to get a good achievement.

Big projects
The Center make sure that the activities should include several things in its buildings or through execution, so the civil concepts have been linked to the educational learning dimensions. 
The Center continued the project for the seventh year respectively after several stages enabled it to develop its idea not only dealing with the civics teachers and students,  also its includes math, science,management and economy teachers, which helped to improve the students learning ability of the Palestinian curriculum, and develop thecivilconcepts.
The Center project focuses on the female classes from the eighth to tenth in order to improve the practical needs of girls by helping them to organize campaigns about that, and also focuses on other aspects related to academic achievement and dealing with learning difficulties.

Local societies
A specialist staff works on searching for new initiatives to help in develop and create new programs and plans, recently the Centerstarted to deal with local communities as a unit.
The beginning was in developing activities involved all the center's programs and accomplished a comprehensive approach in order to build a healthy and democracyschool.
During this year, the Centre decided to work in nine rural communities in northern Palestine, part of it are located behind the Racist Separation Wall. Each program will carry out its activities in these communities.
According to the proposed plan, the Civic education program will work with the school as a whole not only with one of the classes or teachers, It is an integrated program which includes schools and classes from the first to tenth, teachers, students and administrators.
Also in these communities the Social Responsibility program will focus on formingschool committees that includes all the activities of the village or town and parents council and municipalities, clubs and even the mosque and the church.
Educational Observer
This program is as important as the rest of the projects it adopts a vital and important initiative, and for the first time it focuses on the therapeutic classesestablishment for the low academic achievement students. Like Human Rights program which also focuses on five golden principlesin solving the educational learning problemsespecially students' relationship with their environment and the home - school relationship.
Teaching Methodologies
The accomplishments that did not stop since 1995contributed toachieve a quantum leapfor the center which proved an active learning methodology that became official in the Ministry of Education. And more than that, the Center make the learning issues alive especially the civic educationissues, in addition to help thousands of teachers and students to develop their abilities and skills.

Regional level
Between the success and creativity in local field, the Center search for other fields that served its mission and goals, and link it with the world, so the Center starts to open up and show the activities on the regional and international level.
At the same level, the Center helped improving the regional and international networks which works in development and educational field and links it with the Palestinian institutions.
The Center established a Global Forumabout Palestine called "Free Palestine", which held in Brazil in 29th Nov 2012, a thousand of activities participate in this conference from all over the world.
On the Arab level, the Center made important steps in the Arabic Campaign for Education establishment which include almost 500 institutions and unions, the Center now headed this campaign which Implement a Global Action for Education every year, the Center represent the Arab world for Middle Eastand North Africa area in the International Committee of the Consultative Group on non-governmental organizations of UNESCO. In addition to represent the Arab network for human rights education which includes almost 100 civic institutes, because of these positions the Center obtained the necessary funding for the Citizenship project in eight Arabic countries.
International Achievements
With impressive success and creative vision, initiatives and unlimited capacity, the Center obtained a membership as an institution in the adult education network in addition to its membership in the World Social Forum and in Josur regional network, currently the Center is preparing a regional conference about education reform, which will be held in the next year.
The Center accomplishes a great achievement on education in Palestine and updates it despite of its limited possibilitiesbetter than other Institutions and centers with open budget and unlimited support.
The Centre contributed significantly in promoting civic education curriculum and develops the capacity of workers whether they are teachers or students or supervisors. Moreover the Center helped train staffthrough coordination with regional institutions followed by trains the teachers and supervisors, and because there is no civic education specialist in universities, the Center works  on provide an active methodologies in teaching civic education.
In the Palestinian schools, the center accomplish a huge achievement because a lot of methodologieswhich it provide still use at schools, one from it learning through work methodology. A study by an external evaluatorconfirmed the effectiveness for the student to use this methodology to improve their personalities and responsibility.
Parent Councils
For many years, the parent councils function were marginal and ineffective, but after the Centers campaign and programs the parent councils become capable to influence on the school environment.
The chairmen and councilsmembers confirmed that the center helped them to carry out their duties and responsibilities in solving the social problems.
Hajja village considered a living example; the Center programs target the parents Council with participation of Center teams and helped in solving serious problems in the village which led to a clear development in the student performance.
Also the Center helped the students with low academic achievement through the community committees working on to raise the academic level of 180 students who failed in math, Arabic language and English language. And according to before and after evaluation study which clarify that more than half of the students improved their scores 80%.

The education right
The Center was interested to search for adopting all the issues that facing the education process in Palestine, so Teacher Creativity Center is recorded as one of the few educational institutions in country which have a major part in making the"right to education" issue on thePalestinian governmentconcerns.

The occupation violations
The Center did not hesitate todraw the attention of international educational institutions for the Education Right violations by the Israeli occupation, also the Center helped to shed light on this important issue and adopting the historic decision which the World Social Forum Organization takes to organize the forum in Palestine.

The Center participated in building regional coalitions such as the "Arab Campaign for Education" and headed international institutions also it got a membership of more than an international network such as UNESCO and the "Adult Education".

The Arab Campaign for Education
The centers ambitious and hopes didnt stop which helped Palestine to participate in the Global Campaign for Education, through the Palestinian Educational Allianceestablishment, which consists of more than 25 Palestinian civil institutions, those institutions united the efforts in annual campaigns within the international events, also "Global Action Week for Education" have  an impressive success and Those institutions united efforts in annual campaigns within the international events of the campaign, and leave a big effect in the Centre's ability to reach decision-makers and educational policies.
Over the annual campaigns since 2008 the Center was able to integrate more than a million Palestinians in the Global Campaign for Education activities and makes the world council to announce Palestine the second most active participant country in 2009.
World Council has mandated the Center to form and lead the educational coalitions in the Arab countries; the Center led educational coalitions formation in 11 Arabic countries Egypt, Jordan Yemen, Morocco, Iraq, Mauritania, Algeria and Tunisia which all united under a regional coalition calledArab Campaign for Education And proved the existence of the Arab world in the global campaign. What also confirmed the success of this regional coalition is using the Arabic language as one of the official languages in the Global Campaign for Education also get a seat in the world council.

Citizenship project
During the last year, the facts and researches proved the importance of the Citizenship project success which considered today excellent civilian educational project.
This creative project depend on students projects that aims to effect in public policies and connect it with human rights issues and integrity and transparency.
This project targets the young student category from the age of 14-16 years in government and private schools in Palestine.
The Center developed the project by targeting the civics, mathematics, science, biology, management, economyteachers.
Partnership and Success
With the continuous success, during this year and the last year, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) the Center implement this project which until now almost 1000 Palestinian schools, 30000 students and 15000 educators participate.
One of the unofficial results is a decision to apply the project in all Palestinian schools; moreover the project has been moved to more than one Arab country including Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq.
After this success, the Arabic Ministers of education accept the project and support it, which encouraged the Centerto establish an Arabregional network called Anhor network for Educational on human rights and citizenship which includes almost 100 active institutions.
The Center documented the students success in the project by issuing books tells their experiences and achievements.
Bdael International Foundation
Bdael International Foundation was established in 2004, and its a part of the international council for the World Social Forum, in 2006 Mr. RefaatAlsbah were elected as a president for the foundation.
The Teacher Creativity Center headed Bdael International Foundation helped the Center in getting a decision in 2010 to implement the World Education Forum in Palestine. Also it helped to create relationships with other international and Palestinian institutions and unions.
Free Palestine
The Center attend to held an international conference called  Free Palestine in cooperation with the World Social Forum, and hope to become an international annual event.
Currently, Bdael International Foundation preparing to hold the International Social Forum in Tunisia, after created a regional network to link all the Arab countries in the east and west, in order to achieve a social economic and cultural development in Arab countries.

Feminist forum
During this year, the Center will lead largest campaign for Arab non-governmental organizations to promote womens participation in the political process, the preparations have begun for the first feminist educational forum in PalestineWith wide international participation which will held in 2014.