Thu , Jul 09 , 2020

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Home Local News Act to keep the education going “An initiative to ensure the continuity of the educational process”

Act to keep the education going “An initiative to ensure the continuity of the educational process”

An initiative launched by Teacher Creativity Center, aimed at uniting efforts to support the continuity of the educational process in light of emergency situations,  through the creation of alternative learning methods.

Refaat Al-Sabbah, the General  director of the Teacher Creativity Center, explained to Watan media network presented  by Reem Al-Omari: " The initiative has been launched in the current circumstances, and the idea is to create ideas to ensure the continuity of the educational process, based on an attempt to connect teachers With students effectively ".

Al-Sabbah added that the goal is to use alternative learning methods in times of emergency, engage the largest number of students and ensure the participation of all of them, especially female students and children with disabilities, emphasizing that the goal is the continuity of the learning process, not the curriculum.

He clarified that Teacher Creativity Center, in cooperation with Partners for Sustainable Development, intends to launch initiatives for educational cadres, grass-roots institutions, parents' councils, and local bodies.

He pointed out that there is a general weakness in the use of technology in Palestine, and the infrastructure is not prepared for e-learning, but we will work to combat it by spreading awareness, so that we do not reach the state of shock and depression.

He emphasized that there should be more efforts on community awareness. He added; we demand the Ministry of Education to be a partner with us to reach solutions to e-learning, since the Palestinians have historically been creative in education and we hope to continue on the same track.

Al-Sabbah added;Today we are discussing with teachers and parents to reach effective initiatives and positive voices, in order to contribute to developing students' critical thinking and learning skills, motivating and encouraging them to participate and achieve educational achievement.