Tue , Jul 07 , 2020

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Citizenship Program

Citizenship Program: This program is mainly concerned with helping young Palestinians to develop 1) private and public civic orientations to participate in civic life; take up the roles, rights and responsibilities that are associated with active citizenship; internalize basic democratic values such as tolerance, fairness and transparency and exercise their rights and responsibilities in a responsible manner; 2) civic Knowledge and understanding of their political context as well as their social, economic, political and civil rights and 3)civic skills including the ability to explain, analyze, interact, evaluate, defend a position, and monitor inputs and outputs. In so doing, the program works with the Ministry of Education, UNRWA, local communities, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders to create educational environments that adequately respond to youth concern to be active citizens. Basic elements of this environment include school curricula, school environment, teachers’ capacities and attitudes, social awareness and society-school complementary roles.

Areas of intervention:

Responsible citizenship/ integration of citizenship values, skills and practises in Palestinian curricula and textbooks/ youth civic participation/ social responsibility/ social accountability/ social auditing/ child-centered learning approach/ teachers’ professional development/ education policies’ development/ global citizenship/ research