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Psychosocial Support Program

Psychosocial Support Program: This program is mainly concerned with helping Palestinian children experiencing war-related traumas and socio-emotional learning challenges associated with the miserable living conditions and political violence restore their normal life conditions including their normal socio-academic performance. In so doing, the program provides psychosocial support for traumatized children, child prisoners (or ex-detainees), families, caregivers and schools’ cadres. It also works on equipping teachers, children and parents with effective coping mechanisms and strategies as well as socio-emotional learning skills like self-efficacy, self-regulation, perseverance, grit, social intelligence, social awareness, collaboration, reasoning, planning and decision-making. Moreover, the program works on raising local communities’ awareness of various relevant themes and issues. It also cooperates with the MoE and UNRWA to integrate such coping mechanisms and skills into the Palestinian curricula. 

 Areas of intervention:

Community response to Education under emergency conditions/ psychosocial support for traumatized children and child ex-detainees/ equipping children facing socio-emotional learning challenges with socio-emotional learning skills/ Building the capacities of the Ministry’s cadre, supervisors, school counsellors and teachers in Socio-emotional learning theory and skills and psychosocial support including effective psychotherapy modalities like EMDR, Narrative therapy and Cognitive-behaviour therapy/Equipping caregivers with coping mechanisms and tools to overcome psychological symptoms of their children as well as other socio-emotional learning challenges/Increasing communities’ awareness of psychological health and socio-emotional learning/ research/ education policies’ development.