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Towards Creative Change in Palestinian Education
Towards Creative Change in Palestinian Education
Harvest Report for the year 2012
Harvest Report for the year 2012

Harvest Report for the year 2012
The teacher creativity shows a side of its local and international achievements
Ramallah- The teacher creativity Center shows a series of its achievement in the last year, one of the most importantis the  emphasis on everyone responsibility for education and to be an effective part of the development process, in addition to move forward to put Palestine on the global educational activity map.
The report explained that during the year 2012, the Center success in representing hundreds of Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) not only in Palestine and Arab world, also in Central Asia and Eastern Europe in United Nation Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization (UNESCO),also the Center lead different regions in the Global Partnership for Education project.
And the report also brows a side of its various successful programs, like civil educationthis program hasachieved a qualitative accomplishments on the reality through working on the second goals of the Centers strategic plan about developing an instructional staff efficiencies in the fields of human rights and civil education.
Also, the program held the enlightenment educational days Conference successfully, which the center held it annually. there were at least 300 people from educational process partners, of teachers ,supervisors, experts , academic institutions,  the Ministry of Education, the Office of Education in the relief agency (UNRWA), parent councils, local communities,  Non-governmental organizations,  civil society organizations , the private sector and the media, to share the knowledge in the civic and human rights fields.
The program also succeeded in enabling (14160) students from primary and secondary, 51% of them are female in 472 class in West Bank and Gaza to apply a creative approaches and non-violent means to resolve problems, that was in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Latin Patriarchate Schools, which made the ministry to settle the "citizenship" program in public schools.
It should be noted that 2400 Arabic students from Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and Morocco has been trained on learning through work methodology, and acquire skills and values that will help them to make a good changes in their life, future and society through Citizenship project.
Also, so many teachers have been trained in 472 Palestinianschools and 80 Arabic schools in order to provide them with sufficient knowledge about civil education concepts and use it in the classroom.
And it pointed to the Social Responsibility program which aims to promote this principle to the private sector, Civil Institutions, and Local councils In order to provide a safe learning environment, also the program success in forming schools committees which was founded in nine villages and towns in the north of Palestine, and its works on several projects which aims to improve the educational environment, And work on social issues in the nine target areas through trainings and workshops to 400 from the youth in these areas.
The program success in Integrate parents in the schools committees and organize activities concerned the mothers needs how to deal with their children, especially teens, 18 workshop were held with almost 900 participant (fathers and mothers), the workshops looks in to teen issues and how to deal with it, and a schools committees were established in 17 geographical area in northern, central and southern Palestine, a workshops about children rights and protection from violence in the home and school were held in these areas.
Also it clarify that a national network consisting of a set of women's, educational and social organizations has been forming to promote women's political participation through training 90 young men and women on womens rights especially political participation and produce an educational media program called "Reflections educational" to discuss a set of issues of education.
And it focused on the Centre's contribution to broaden the debate about Altawjehi new system, many meetings were held with the Education Committee of the Legislative Council and several workshops were held in universities and a set of television series to discuss this subject, so a national conference were held to determine the attitude of the proposed system.
Its also shows the Educational observer programs which focused on targeting school administrators in order to improve their performance administratively, socially and democratically.
The program began to study the reality of schools which the training target its directors, a three types of questionnaires were prepared one for students, the second for teachers and a third of parents, the results are expected to issue soon.
The Therapeutic classes project aims to solve the learning problems for students which they faced them because of their Psychological, living and financial conditions. So the second session launched and seven villages were chosen in the north of Palestine and AL-toffahneighborhood in Gaza. 200 students will benefit from it in different villages habla, hajja, bartaa, betta, asera, arraba, kofordan.
Also it noted that the program makes a relationship with the national institute in order to improve the commitment of human rights in Palestine, especially disabled rights. And the Five golden principles project which aims to enable more than 350 teachers and minister of 16 schools in West Bank in leading a positive classroom for children to provide an environment that respects and protects their rights.
And the disabilities Palestinians leading the change project which aims to integrate this category in all aspects of Palestinian life, with emphasize on their right to educate, moreover they trained 320 disables in West Bank and Gaza on the self-empowerment and communication skills. The project includes more than 180 workshops for the next two years. Also the program is planning to hold a training course to more than 50 media people about dealing professionally with disability rights issues.
It also tells about the Center situation in regional and international networks, and the active presence in all the World Social Forum and the "international alternatives organization which headed by the Center since the year 2004, International Council for Adult Education an international network aimed to achieve education for adults, it membership includes hundreds of institutions from all over the world,
In addition to the Arabic network for Human Rights and Citizenship education Anhr, which the Centre contributed its establishment in 2009 and headed the Regional Council until last year.
And also mentions the center membership in Arab Campaign for Education which includes 500 Arabic institution, in addition to the International Consultative Group of non-governmental organizations which belong to (UNESCO) organization, the center get a seat from out of seven seats in this group which includes 130 institutions after accepting officially in the membership of UNESCO.
Finally, it noted to the center membership in Global Campaign for Education an international network aimed to control and follow-up governments in order to achieve the goals of Education for All, it Includes thousands of institutions and association, and the Center were elected to be a member in its international council in 2011 as a representative of the Arab world.